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Offering Emergency Dentistry in Trenton, MI

Dental emergencies typically come without any warning, and the pain and damage call for quick treatment. Trenton Dental Care’s office in Trenton, MI offers emergency dentistry to patients of all ages and dental emergencies. The dentist and staff have ample experience handling a variety of oral injuries and ailments, and we provide the care you need promptly. Don’t wait to get relief from the discomfort and fix the damage. Putting off emergency care could result in additional damage to your mouth. Contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll get you in our office quickly.

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Examples of Emergency Services

There’s a multitude of reasons to seek emergency dentistry at our office. You could have a sudden or chronic toothache, or a fall or accident has damaged your teeth. Whether you chipped a tooth or lost a crown, Trenton Dental Care provides patients with prompt dental care. Some examples of emergency dental services include the following:

Root Canal Therapy

Decay, cracks, and other dental damage can let bacteria into your soft tissue, causing an infection. Our caring team will perform root canal therapy to clean out any infected tissue inside your tooth and seal out the chance of further infection. It’s crucial that you seek treatment for an infection as soon as possible. Not doing so can result in developing an abscess, losing your tooth, and other damage.
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If you have one or more teeth with decay, damage, or other cause that’s rendered them irreparable, we may extract them. Our office will only perform an extraction when it’s necessary to preserve your overall health. Removing a tooth can effectively protect your mouth from further dental issues and relieve you of pain or discomfort. During your appointment, we make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, and we’ll help you choose a replacement option.


Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth and remove food or debris between your teeth with floss or an air or water flosser. Apply a cold compress on your cheek or outside your mouth if there is swelling.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Your best chance to save the tooth is to get dental care within one hour. Hold the tooth by the crown and don’t touch the root. Rinse it off, but don’t scrub it or pick off any fragments of tissue. Without forcing it, try to reinsert the tooth into the socket in the correct orientation. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, then place it in a small container with milk. As a second option, you can use lightly salted water.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Collect all the pieces of your tooth and them in a container with milk or lightly salted water. Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth and apply gauze for 10 minutes to any spot that is bleeding. You can apply a cold compress close to the affected area for pain and swelling.

Lost Crown or Filling

For fillings, you can temporarily replace it with sugarless gum or dental cement (found over-the-counter). For crowns, save it so you take it to our dental office. If you can’t visit the dentist immediately, then attempt to refit the crown onto the tooth using dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive. Don’t ever use superglue.

Object or Food Stuck in Teeth

Gently use dental floss to try and remove the object from your teeth. Air and water flossers work very well at removing food particles, as well. Don’t ever use a sharp object like a pin to remove objects from teeth. Doing so can seriously damage your gums or teeth.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth as an extremely serious infection that’s very painful and can spread to the heart and other parts of your body. The infection occurs either between your tooth a gum tissue or inside a tooth’s nerve. Contact us immediately to get the proper care for this condition. At home, using warm, slightly salted water can draw the pus out to the surface and provide temporary pain reduction.

Visit Us for Emergency Dentistry

Trenton Dental Care is there to help you whenever you have a dental emergency. If you chip or crack your tooth on something hard, suffer a knocked-out tooth, or experience a toothache, it’s essential to get immediate care. For quick relief from the pain and damage of a sudden dental injury or malady, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 734-675-8400 at your earliest convenience!