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Replacing Trenton, MI’s Teeth with Dental Implants

If you’ve lost one or more of your natural teeth, Trenton Dental Care offers dental implants to our Trenton, MI patients. While bridges and removable dentures are options to replace your incisors, molars, and more, dental implants offer a permanent solution. With implants, you restore the full use of your teeth using high-grade materials in a simple surgical procedure. Modern implants have been around for decades and consistently result in a patient’s complete satisfaction. Our skilled dental staff will ensure your comfort during the process, and our proficiency in this procedure produces a full restoration of your teeth. Get a lifetime solution for your lost teeth with dental implants for one or more teeth or gain the confidence of a sure hold with implant-supported dentures.

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Components of a Dental Implant

A dental implant is one of the safest procedures in modern dentistry when an experienced dentist performs it. These implants provide strong support for replacement teeth, which can then look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The implanted rods also prevent bone loss in the jawbone that results from missing teeth. Your facial shape and appearance won’t change, and any surrounding natural teeth won’t shift out of position. You can count on this reliable long-term solution to give you back your bite and preserve clear speech and comfortable chewing.

Dental Implant Elements

Dental implant are made from durable materials specially chosen to benefit implant recipients. With any dental implant, it will contain the following:

  • Implant – It’s a screw-like rod that we place through the gums and into your jawbone. It bonds with the natural bone and serves as a sturdy base to hold one or more dental crowns.
  • Abutment – This connector attaches to the top of the dental implant to hold the crown and support it.
  • Dental Crown – A crown is a custom-made artificial tooth that’s designed for a precise fit in your mouth and to match your natural teeth.

Get a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Trenton Dental Care has helped countless patients with our dental services in Trenton, MI, and dental implants are an outstanding solution to lost teeth. Get the confidence of a solid bite and flawless replacement teeth for a lifetime. For expert dental care, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 734-675-8400 at your earliest convenience!